Founded in 2001, Dooroo Pharm. grew into a company recording sales of USD 132.5 mil (2015) in just 10 years based on the financial strength of Dooroo Chemicals, its parent company. Ranking within the top 20 firms in the industry, it acquired Dong-Yang MST in 2012, and invested in BioCND in 2013. From its core industry of distribution of pharmaceuticals, it is expanding its business areas to the development of biopharmaceuticals through M&A and founding subsidiaries

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Sales through large hospitals and retail are in the distribution sphere while those through the rare diseases market exclusive sales, and local hospitals are CSO businesses.


1. Rare Diseases Market

Dooroo Pharm is recording CSO sales in the rare diseases market.

2. Exclusive Sales

Dooroo Pharm is recording sales through CSO.


3. Local Hospital Market

Major items : Vaccines, well-being products (vitamin shots, placenta shots, etc.), antibiotics, cosmetics (filler, breast augmentation, vaginal surgery etc.), amino acid supplement, etc.

We have created a distribution network that includes approximately 500 local hospitals and are rapidly growing by raising CSO sales.


JL BioLab is a business unit, originally founded under the Dooroo Pharmaceutical Corp. for the development of biosimilar technology.
With growing value not only as NRDO, but also as CSO, JL BioLab spun off from Dooroo Pharmaceutical in 2017. After making successful
entry with an antiviral agent Entecavir ODF through CMO, we are advancing further into the pharmaceutical market by expanding
the product lineup based on the development of high value medicines and modified drugs. To make such innovative steps in the
development aspect with confidence,we are utilizing our years of accumulated database from successful investments in the past
such as R&D business BioCND Corp. Equipped with both the technology and experience required for the business,
JL BioLab aims to grow as a professional biomedicine pharmaceutical firm.

position Address 15, Maeheon-ro 6-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea


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fax FAX +82-2-792-3447


  • · Brand name : C-ente ODF

    · Active Ingredient :
    Entecavir 0.5mg / 1.0mg

    · Description :
    Rectangular White Oral Disintegrating Film
  • · Efficacy & Effect :
    The treatment of an adult(16 years or older) with chronic hepatitis B
    infection when the duplication of active virus and the continuous increase
    in serum aminotransferase are identified or when it is confirmed there is
    a histologically active disease.
  • · Use and Dose :
    Take one 0.5mg strip with or without water once a day before meals.
    For a patient who experienced Lamivudine resistant event, take one 1mg strip
    with or without water a day before meals.
  • · Development Status :
    BE test completed successfully in Korea. Available from Oct. 2015 in Korea.

JL BioLab Corp. is leading the improvement of public health and quality of life by satisfying new pharmaceutical needs of patients
and medical professionals such as treating hepatitis type B through marketing of Entecavir ODF.

Founded in 2002, Dong-Yang MST has grown as a major supplier to Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital (SCUH) which has branches all over Korea. After being acquired by Dooroo in 2012, it is developing further by supplying to the National Cancer Center and the Seoul National University Hospital.

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